Are we really our past and future selves?

Whoa, too deep for day-reading. But really, this question has me screwed up like a Descartes quotation or the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

You weren’t in advertising back then. That table, this office, that coffee machine didn’t exist, not for you. Those people you hate. That money.

You’re like me because your past made you who you are. You were meant to be in advertising, and you did it.

I am meant to be a copywriter, but I became a teacher instead. But if people are their past and future selves, then that kind of means that somehow we’re both in advertising, and at the same time we aren’t even born yet.

So scroll back in time, way back, to those first words uttered, and those first words uttered back at you. The babbling worked, so you kept it up.

Then scroll forward to when you could actually understand, create, and apply what was being said to you. Say you got a little older. It was dinner time, but mom had been lazy that day, and dinner wasn’t on the table yet. You wanted a cookie, so you asked for it. She told you that you couldn’t have it because she said so. You learned.

Smarter now, you threw reasons back at her. “Why cant you let me do what I want just for once in your life?” or “You never let me do what I want,” which of course weren’t reasons at all, but they got her to do what you wanted, didn’t they? Sometimes?

You had a gift for making people pay attention to you, so you wrote stories as you grew up and tried to get your family and friends to read them.

Life worked out okay, and you wandered through school. At some point, you went to college. And graduated.

Then, somewhere in your twenties, all of that experience felt instantly useless, but you found a use for it anyway. You really did.

And so did I. I turned my English major into a fledgling teaching career, tried that, and came up short. And I was dissatisfied.

How could I have forgotten about what I had wanted the whole time? Which was exactly what you wanted: Not to teach them something. Not to make them think like you. Act like you. No, it was always the same thing, deep down, to this day. Always and now, all you ever wanted was to get a lot of people to react. That’s it. And not just any reaction. You wanted to see exactly what you needed to see and know. This was precisely because of you.

I’m a little kid. I’m a frustrated teenager. I’m a student. I’m a teacher. I’m a copywriter and I’m in advertising, like you. Please help me reach my destination, and email me if my writing is good enough to make you sales.

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