1 gut feeling, 1 surprise, 1 reward

You think it’s a boy. Or you’re certain it’s a girl.

You know because you’ve got that gut feeling.

You’re so deeply in touch that you only further highlight the shallow sea of common onlookers.

We’re all susceptible to believing we have superpowers, but what happens when it actually seems to occur? So…

The other day, I wrote this totally awesome Facebook status – okay, stop laughing – I wrote a really great Facebook status – seriously, stop, this is kind of interesting – and it read, “For every ‘like,’ an angel gets its wings.” I received some likes on the status.

A few days later, I see Stephen Colbert do a pistachios commercial, and he ends with the tagline, “For every pistachio you crack, an angel becomes an American.” I swear I had no idea that It’s a Wonderful Life remixes were trending in advertising – although it makes sense because of the holidays. And I wrote my totally great Facebook status on the gut feeling that this was the case.

So, what are your gut feelings? Ever surprised by your genius? You’re much more in touch than the usual citizen, and how does this play out? copyweber@gmail.com

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