Small things you notice that make you awesome

You’re having a drink with a friend. He starts flirting with the server.

Your friend is completely immersed in his own pick-up lines, but you notice the server’s frozen posture, plastered-on smile, glances for a way out, and fake laughs.

You are awesome.

You’re driving to a party with a bunch of people in the car. Everyone is talking uproariously except for one person in the back seat. This person is looking out of the window and shuts their eyes tight from time to time. You realize tonight is a big night because so-and-so is going to be at the party, and people want to make a good impression. You say, “Oh, hey, I heard about the new job. Congratulations!” to boost a young lover’s confidence.

You are awesome.

You’re spending time with a loved one. You’re totally caught up in a story you’re telling and enjoying yourself.

Your loved one’s eyelids are half-way down, yet the person still pays attention to you. You can tell it’s a struggle, so you set aside your excitement and say, “You’re pretty tired, aren’t you?” They say, “Well, yeah, I couldn’t get to sleep last night, and when I finally did, I had these awful dreams, and then…” You listen and leave so that people can get some much needed sleep. You are loveworthy. No.

You are awesome.

You’re trying to think of an effective slogan for a local business.

You think to yourself, “I don’t know why, but I feel that the word ‘ultra’ is trending and people in this target audience are gravitating towards it.” So you include the word “ultra” in your slogan.

You are awesome.

Had a hard time relating to that last scenario? Then I am sorry, I guess we can’t be friends! But if you liked it, read on, will you? Give me just a quick minute here.

Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep because I had the NEED for words.

So I decided to write some specs for Hardee’s, and I came up with “When you’re in Hardee’s you’re in love.” I associated Hardee’s with love because I simply felt that the word “love” might be trending in popular advertising right now. Of course it’s a popular word, but when I say trending I mean like steaming hot trending.

Well, it was. The next day, while on a commercial break from The Big Bang Theory, there was an entertaining Lays commercial that ended with the tagline, “One taste, and you’re in love” (something like that). I got that happy jump in the soles of my feet and congratulated myself.

“I am awesome!”

Then I remembered a recent McDonald’s headline: “Morning love.” This is probably what drove me to write the Hardee’s spec, so I didn’t really have a sixth sense but still recognized a trend, right?

Even if you don’t instantly understand my brand of joy, I am sure you have some quirk that really satisfies you. It is something that others may not recognize, but it always reminds you…

…that you are awesome.

For any advertising professionals scanning this, if you notice the small things I am doing in this post, then guess what? You guessed it. Here it comes. Are you ready?

You are awesome.

Let me know if we’re both awesome.

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