Because it Happens in Movies


Today, I was in my bedroom (that’s right). I had a ring in my hand. I dropped the ring. The ring rolled under the bed. I knelt down, reached, and snatched the ring.

And because it happens in movies, I did a double-take underneath the bed to see if there were something important I was supposed to find.

I know how this sounds. “I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo…”

Exactly. But of course this was gut-tucking hilarious and would make for good content. Here goes:

  • I put my hands on the sink and stare extra-long into the mirror because it happens in movies.
  • I nod my head slowly while I read something profound because it happens in movies.
  • I wait too long at a stop sign to make the decision whether to turn down the road that apparently will lead me to my destiny because it happens in movies.
  • I read online articles while sipping coffee–reading and sipping both at the same time–because it happens in movies.
  • While in the classroom, I shake my head in righteous anger at social injustice because it happens in movies.

That’s all folks! So what are your familiar (read: film-iliar) moments that happen in movies? Email or comment because I’m dying to know!

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