How to take baby steps and become a copywriter

You just know that when you get your first small break, you’ll take off like a high-powered rocket and never see the surface of the earth again.

Let’s recap. According to Filthy Rich Writer, you become a copywriter by taking gradual steps that eventually lead to applying for a job, showing your work, interviewing, and landing that dream copywriting position. Slightly reinterpreted, these steps are:

  1. Train
  2. Build your book
  3. Apply for a copywriting job

Really, good copywriters are always learning, because they know the market — and people — are always changing. So if you are a hired copywriter, then you are at steps 1 and 2 while you work your job.

Or if you’re looking for a better copywriting job at a company you’ve always loved, you are bulking up your portfolio to show those people why they should hire you. In these cases, you’ve done step 3, and you might again.

But if you’ve never stepped foot inside an ad department, then you’re where I’m at. You want to break into copywriting, but you’re still in the training phase and building your book. Now, you want some real-world experience, so you’re emailing companies and asking for an internship.

You’ll find that article helpful, but WikiHow is a really straight-laced approach. For me, I decided to deviate from that structure and speak more from the heart. I got a response from an ad agency the next morning. I don’t know why this occurred, but it could have been that I wrote from my honest perspective instead of following a script.

  • So, in advertising, perhaps it pays to sound like yourself and not a robot when requesting an internship.

This makes sense: Copywriters never write ads to sound dull and academic — ads are conversational and meet people where they’re at.

Shouldn’t emails reflect this personable style?

Now when you write the email, just make sure you strike a balance between sounding like yourself and being professional.

Of course, when you write in your personal voice and are naturally professional, that’ll come across anyway.

You just know that when you get your first small break, you’ll take off like a high-powered rocket and never see the surface of the earth again. And get what you’ve been after this whole time.

To get hired as a copywriter.

But right now, you’re waiting to see if an internship is even available. Personally, you think you should be noticed because your sales copy is fantastic, but no one cares about your narcissism.

Really, you just want a creative director to say of your copy:

“Hey, this resembles stuff from my swipe file. It’s not overly creative, but it’s interesting, which is good. But cut this fluff about ‘there are so many ways to use it.’ No benefits there. Makes the product sound complex.”

Yeah, you can’t wait to have a conversation like that.

So let’s get this thing together, okay?


Send me a quick email now if you’d like to chat!

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