Popular Trending Advertising Words

The word HYDRA

000_0035_005sA while back, I thought the word “hydra” would somehow find its way into popular advertising.

Because of that thought, I decided to express my interest in the word “hydra” by creatively drawing pictures of hydras, the multi-headed dragon. On the right is the picture I drew –>

Now to me, drawing that was more than mythological creatures. It was my way of acknowledging a trend. Somehow, I thought the word would appear in a radio or TV ad. I was waiting: Any day now. I can’t really say why this word was trending. It was just a feeling, I guess. But then I saw it:

Click this immeeeeejelly

Oh, that’s why

Completely unrelated to the multi-headed dragon — but still the same word. You’re thinking, “Oh, as in HYDRATE, duh.” I just put that together, too!

But wow, was I just stupid and experienced some false premonition because I had unconsciously observed the word “hydra” in a grocery aisle, and then claimed the word myself?

I don’t know, but all same — there it was. And without realizing the word “hydra” was on that particular bottle in the link above, I got home from the grocery store, having purchased it! Weird, huh? Then I found these other examples…

Click here too — THAT call to action can’t hog all the fun!


Let’s be honest – are you full of dookie?

Yeah, yeah, of course this word has probably been in advertising for some time now, but certain words do seem to “get hot” occasionally.

Even numbers get hot. Or, rather, pricing: Introducing the new $4 fast food meal as opposed to the groundbreaking $5 meal. $4 being the trending number there. Sales absolutely skyrocket, yeah!

(I am not sure why marketers use “hydra” to sell products, but I guess it is a convenient and cool enough abbreviation of hydrate that works for a product name — so the word might fall under the exciting or exclusive genres when it comes to words that convert.)

Test your ability

So before any more trending words get the better of me, I’m going to predict words that you may see pop up soon (and perhaps already have popped up) in widespread advertising right now:

  • ultra
  • mega
  • super
  • reimagine
  • and anything with the prefix re- like redefine, redo, re-love, re-like, revisit, re-energize, rejuvenate
  • infectious 
  • supreme
  • rock
  • worldview
  • delete
  • and anything with the prefix de- like de-stress, de-clutter, de-complicate
  • scrap
  • take
  • reach
  • gain

Let me know now of any other words we should look out for. Seriously though, like, email me. Like, really. I want a list and stuff… NOW… Please? copyweber@gmail.com


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