What happens when you paste yourself into a condominium ad?

Like, I didn’t envision myself blowing up to the size of a house and reshaping my limbs until I became some kind of gross gargantuan condominium monster.


Flying home from a funeral. Left Florida behind, going to slightly cooler weather in Chattanooga. Boarded a tiny plane to get back to a tiny airport. Imagined the plane crashing. Had a dream I was hanging out with my deceased grandfather.

Awoken. Thumbed through the magazine with the best advertisements. For studying copy.

Stumbled onto this (page 4-5)

It’s an ad for seaside condominium homes. I noticed there was something sneaky and special about the body copy, so I got out my iPad Mini and typed it out. A woman next to me curiously watched me do this, but I wasn’t sure why

Introducing Palazzo del Sol. 47 new waterfront condominium residences on celebrated Fisher Island. A haven of privacy and exclusivity, minutes from South Beach and the cultural attractions of Miami, with superbly curated building amenities and 6-star white-glove services.

Hrmm, intriguing… So I created a list of strategic words and expanded them to see their true colors:

  • introducing — novelty, exciting, natural progression, incentive to upgrade
  • 47 — specific number, selling point, clear detail, establishes trust by displaying reality of product, quantifiable
  • new — needed, desirable
  • waterfront — huge selling point
  • celebrated — popular, established, trusted, proven fun
  • haven — safety, escape; being together, homey
  • privacy — freedom, peace, quiet, control
  • exclusivity — special, unique, high-status, set-apart
  • minutes — quick, fast, close, no-time, effortless, easy
  • superbly — the best, topnotch, high-standard, professional, taken-care-of
  • curated — personally carried-out, carefully done
  • 6-star — even better than 5-star; high claim, big promise
  • white-glove — visual, plain folks language; drops reader’s mental guard with image trigger
  • services — plural: varied services, all-around service, precise, variety, all-inclusive

Lots of information. The point of it was to shave away an outer layer of ad and understand what this copywriter accomplished on a persuasive/emotional level.


In short, the ad gives readers (people with lots of money who are looking for a dream house) these 11 emotional triggers –without them necessarily knowing how or why:

  1. This ad makes readers feel like they need to purchase a condominium home because it’s the next big thing on planet earth.
  2. While the copy establishes trust using a quantifiable number and trust-building vocabulary
  3. It also makes readers feel included in popular island culture
  4. safe from life’s struggles…
  5. in-control of their time…
  6. high-status and special
  7. calm
  8. Also, no other home will be an easier situation to handle
  9. The condominiums are “private“…
  10. …but also “minutes from” surrounding culture. Brilliant, so it’s easy to socialize if wanted.
  11. The ad makes readers feel they will receive the absolute best services, because of the 6-star claim. And boy, if there’s any follow-through on that promise, this has got to be one awesome home resort.

Generally, the body copy here is hypnotic and really quite beautiful. So I decided I wanted to be one of those seaside condominiums. Not actually, duh. It wasn’t an imaginative journey like the ones 6-year-olds have…

Like, I didn’t envision myself blowing up to the size of a house and reshaping my limbs until I became some kind of gross gargantuan condominium monster.

Simply, I imagined what would happen if I inserted myself — as a product — into this body copy. So instead of this:

Introducing Palazzo del Sol.


  • Introducing Jeremy Weber

And then I thought, well, I’m not really a product I want to sell (because that would be prostitution). I want to sell myself as a copywriter.

So I did this too:

  • Introducing copywriter Jeremy Weber

But I’m a new copywriter, so I revised it to this:

  • Introducing new-blood copywriter Jeremy Weber


And the rest came up pretty easily, with headline and call to action:

New copywriter ready for hire

Introducing new-blood copywriter Jeremy Weber. Offering you self-taught copywriting skills ranging from direct mail to UX web copy and more. Personable hard worker, team soldier and lone wolf, lives minutes from downtown Chattanooga and the cultural hub of South Side. And top-notch button-down work ethic.

Hire Jeremy Weber now. He’s hungry to drive your sales, so email him before your competition snatches him up! copyweber@gmail.com


Have you ever transformed copy from one product to another? If so, what was your process? Email me ’cause I’ll love hearing from you! (Anyone wanna tackle “cultural attractions”?) copyweber@gmail.com

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